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What's Different About SalexLMS

We Do The Work For You

Our award-winning team will fully manage your content and LMS for you. We'll work with you on topics and training then build it out and maintain it for you.

Personalized Onboarding

We'll partner with you to learn about your training campaign and work to design your program and get setup for the filming process.

We Travel To You

Our video production team will come to your location to film training content with your desired on-camera personality to guide your learners through the process.

Project Manager

You'll stick with a dedicated Project Manager throughout the entire process that will get to learn every in and out of your learning campaign, your industry, company and learning demographic.

Award-Winning Video Production

Our award-winning video production team will work with you and our proven framework for filming training videos that are built for entertainment and information retention.

Internal Sales Training

Our expertise lays in our internal sales training video programs. We understand the power of putting a great sales person in-front of the camera to help your entire sales force explode your sales.

Better User Experience

There are a lot of boring LMS software out there. Our goal isn't to make things flashy, but use techniques that help gamify, empower and make learning fun.

Mobile Learning

Our learning software is built mobile-first. We understand the your team is on-the-go and has lots to do, and making sure that they can access training via desktop, tablet, and mobile devices.

Reporting & Analytics

We can't grow what isn't measured. And our goal isn't just to create busy work for us, you, or your team, but to make the biggest impact in your company.

Here is what is included with SalexLMS:

Better Content = More Sales

Engaging your learners is crucial for a successful learning strategy. SalexLMS’s intuitive platform makes it effortless for learners to find and interact with your course content, helping them retain vital information. Designed to promote learner engagement anytime, anywhere, our learning management system (LMS) boasts powerful features that keep your learners coming back for more.


"We were backed up with our LMS video production and this team came in and helped crank out hours and hours of learning modules with better editing that we could have ever imagined."

Zach H.

Erin of Briteline


"We used their training videos to help train our sales reps about our new products around North America and grew our sales tenfold."

Erin Q.

Michael from HanleyLED


"I was so happy to not have to travel all of the time and be able to make videos to show our sales reps everything they needed to know about our new products."

MiChael K.

Learn important elements to the power of great sales videos hosted on your custom LMS.

Save time & money

• No more travel
• No more scripting
• No more equipment
• No more video editing
• No more backlog
• No more software
• Cha-Ching!

Reps don't Sell what they don't understand

Whether it is training your customers or your internal sales team, quality training videos and a branded LMS are key to growing your sales.

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