Video-Based Learning for Employee Training

Video-based learning for employee training and development is crucial for business performance. It has emerged as a powerful training tool, offering dynamic and scalable solutions for upskilling teams across industries.

Engagement and Retention

Videos capture attention more effectively than traditional text-based methods. According to Forrester Research, employees are 75% more likely to watch a video than to read documents, emails, or web articles. This high engagement rate is crucial for training programs to improve skills and competencies quickly and effectively.

Training a global workforce research study on video-based learning for employee training


Video learning provides unmatched flexibility. Employees can access training sessions from anywhere, anytime, and control their learning pace. This is especially beneficial in global companies with teams across different time zones, ensuring everyone has access to the same quality of training.

Cost-Effectiveness of Video-Based Learning for Employee Training

Although the initial investment in video production might seem high, video-based learning is more cost-effective over time. Videos are reusable and can be easily updated to reflect new information or training standards without the need for entirely new material. This significantly reduces the need for live sessions, often involving travel and venue costs.

Deep Dive into Video-Based Learning for Employee Training

  • Analytics and Measurement: Modern video platforms offer detailed analytics on how videos are consumed. Metrics such as average watch time, completion rates, and quiz results help trainers identify areas where learners might struggle, allowing for better targeted and effective follow-up.
  • Example Case Study: A tech giant reported a 50% reduction in training costs after shifting to video-based learning, coupled with a 60% decrease in employees’ time spent in training sessions, demonstrating cost efficiency and respect for productivity.

The strategic implementation of video-based learning can significantly enhance your corporate training program, boosting efficiency and engagement.

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